A "dropout" is defined as "a person who has rejected conventional society to pursue an alternative lifestyle." The definition is pretty straightforward, but society is way too judgemental to let that go without adding a heaping dose of disdain and contempt. 

The perception of the dropout is one of a failure; someone who lacks ambition or the character traits required to make something of oneself. Society wants you to fit in, stay on the straight and narrow path clearly defined by getting good grades, a stable job, and the like. And when you don’t fit that mold, society will look down at you and offer plenty of labels to define you as “less than:” lazy, quitter, unmotivated, stupid, unconcerned… It’s like whack-a-mole, stick your head up above the crown and the mallet of society will come down hard to force you back into place. 

But what if we dropped the judgment and looked at the definition of “dropout” objectively. Perhaps it takes more effort to define your own path, to go against the grain and pursue something you are truly passionate about. Let’s face it, who’s really passionate about getting good grades or manipulating spreadsheets in a cubicle? The “lazy” label is disproved every day by those who decide not to settle for mediocrity and enroll in their own self education and pursuit of happiness. 

The “Dropout” capsule by Dubbuk New York plays off of classic and timeless collegiate style, as if to answer the question, “what if a ‘dropout’ created a university or fraternity of their own?” A creative collective of misfits who go against the grain and reject society’s expectations and definition of “success.” 

 The Dropout Collection features felt patch five panel caps, heavyweight cotton crewnecks with applique front patches, and of course, our genuine leather Lucky 7’s with all the usual bells and whistles. 

Article: Lucky 7 Junction focus

Title: Lucky 7 Junction: These Ain’t Those

The all new Lucky 7 Junction. Yes, it’s a sneaker, but it’s not just any sneaker. Born from skaters and built with a quality meant to last through multiple skate sessions with reinforced panels of genuine leather, these sneakers are built to last and keep looking good for years to come. 

Take a closer look and you will see the Dybbuk “D” logo grip embossed into the front toe outsoles, as well as our signature dice soles. Work your way up the shoe and our thick-cut, genuine leather panels are a step above most other sneakers you will find on the market. Soft to the touch and comfortable from the first step, these shoes are both great daily wears and special occasion steppers. 

Beauty may be skin deep, but quality starts below the surface. Slice the shoe in two and you’ll find the upper is board lasted to the sole. This craftsmanship provides a stability and level of quality and durability most sneakers no longer possess. Don’t want to slice your shoe in half? That’s OK, we went ahead and did it for you. (link to video)

Article: Crewneck Focus

Title: Fit, Fabric & Function

Fit, fabric & function. It’s that simple. For these three reasons this will be the most comfy crewneck in your collection. From the maroon satin “D” applique to the slightly oversized fit, the crewneck is a cleancut alternative to our tried and true hoodies everybody loves. Heavyweight cotton ensures a comforting fit with a soothing weight and feel that you’re sure to love. And the classic deep black and heather grey variations go with anything in your closet, making these pieces as versatile as they are comfortable. Step back and take a look at yourself in the mirror. This silhouette falls perfectly across your shoulders. A clean, classic look. 

Article: Gems on the site focus

Title: If you know, you know 

There’s a reason most cop a hoodie, shirt and socks with their sneaker order. In fact, many customers come back for a later order and grab just boxers and socks. These everyday staples are as comfortable and durable as they are stylish.